ECHO Empowering Services is committed to responding holistically to the needs of our communities and the people residing in them.  We are here to support and develop their strengths, creativity, and capacities.

ECHO Empowering Services is an in-home Aged Care service provider and Neighbourhood House.  Our experienced team provides our clients and communities with people-focused in-home Aged Care services, social services, activities, and events.

Neighbourhood house activities, services and events are available to all community members.

In-home Aged Care services are available to frail aged members of our communities who have been assessed for CHSP services.

We receive funding from the Federal and Queensland Governments and kind donations from philanthropists and supporters.  We are grateful to the local businesses and community members who regularly donate money and goods to extend and support our programs, activities, and facilities. 

ECHO is a community-driven organisation based in Malanda, Far North Queensland.  We have proudly served our communities since December 1990.  ECHO serves the communities of Malanda, Yungaburra, Millaa Millaa and surrounding areas, as well as offering some services to Atherton, Herberton and Ravenshoe areas.

Our Logo is  the wise owl.  Owls are the only creatures with the capacity for 360* vision.